Sunday, May 16, 2010

- "Sonhar Acordado"

My post today is going to be about the event we had today, called Dia de Sonho. The "Sonhar Acordado" is an institution that, together with many volunteers, help many and many children to built up their future. So, today we went to the Hopi Hari park... We left Chapel around 9 in the morning, but I can't remember at what time we got there =/ Anyways, we needed to wait a couple of hours due to the distribution of kid (I know it sound weird, but there is no other way to
explain it hahaha), but we finally got to the line where each volunteer would receive a kid to take care of during the whole day. When it was my turn, I "received" an 8-year-old called Nicole, and she was really, really, really cute ! I couldn't wait to talk to her and take care of her... Luckily, her best friend Flávia wasgiven to Ana Carolina, and all of her friends were given to some of my friends, such as Caio, Carol, Malu and Marina... So we (us 12) decided that we would stick together as a group. We had loooooads of fun ! Especially when we were at the line waiting, where we danced, sang and did all these kind of stuff to entertain the kids ! We bought them food, we "died" their hair (and even ours...) with those colored sprays, we carried them, we gave them piggyback rides, and much more ! However, since the park wasn't closed for us, there were many other visitors and consequently, longer waiting lines... So we couldn't visit the whole park.. When it was 4 p.m., we had to go to the entrance, take photos, and say goodbye to our kids... Nicole was, again, really, really, really, really cute, and I wished I had more time to spend with her. We could all make really significant contact with our kids; I can surely say that we became friends with them. Finally, besides being exhausting sometimes, such as waiting HOURS at lines, running after the kids, we had a really good time and I can't wait to go again next year ! It is just an amazing experience that I will never forget =)

"aha, uhu, o Hopi Hari é nosso !"

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